The Ultimate Guide on Decking in Singapore

What Are The Benefits Of Decking?

Decking is the extension of your house into the garden area, a way of increasing your living space by installing a wooden platform in the garden. But as most of us live in high-rise apartments or condominiums in Singapore, the term “balcony decking” might be more commonly heard of.

Garden decking can just be a simple, flat wooden platform or one that is raised high with stairs and railings. The benefits of garden decking are plentiful. Firstly, it is an opportunity to turn your garden into a place where lots of activities like outdoor dining, barbequing or sun tanning can be enjoyed on the wooden deck. It helps to create a highly usable outdoor area where one can enjoy fresh air, the sun and all facets of nature. It also doubles up as an attractive garden feature, helps to beautify the outdoor area and this additional garden decor helps to add value to the price of your property. In certain cases where you have sloping ground in the garden, decking can help to even this out by creating an impression of uniformity. Lastly, compared to stone or brick paving, a wooden platform is easier to install and requires lower maintenance efforts. It also has a warmer under touch compared to cool brick or stone.

The benefits of balcony decking are largely similar to that of garden decking. It adds a rustic and natural look to your private balcony area. A cosy balcony is created for resting, reading or enjoying the cool night breeze. Such beautiful decor helps to add value to the price of your property. It is also a better alternative to the more commonly used tile flooring which is cold to touch and generally plain looking. A wooden decking in your balcony adds that much needed warmth in terms of both look and touch.

The versatility of designing your wooden decking is very flexible. You get to choose from different types of wood for the flooring such as cedar, mahogany, cypress, pine or redwood. The list is endless and entirely up to your preference. Different types of woods vary in their characteristics and quality. Pick a type of wood for your decking that fits within your budget and your ability to maintain it. You might also want to pick a certain colour or shade that matches the theme of your home. Woods can also be sanded or varnished for the perfect finish that you desire.

Lastly we would like to raise the point that balcony or garden decking is not limited to just wood materials. One is free to choose from tiles, composites – a combination of plastic and wood – and even aluminium. Wood however tends to be more synonymous with decking because the aim is to generally create an all natural look in the garden and wood is the best material for this purpose. Consider decking your garden or balcony today and create the perfect outdoor area for playtime and rest time with your loved ones!