The Ultimate Guide on Laminate Flooring in Singapore

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring, also known as Floating Wood Tile in some countries, has gained massive popularity since its advent. It has also changed the ways many designers and home owners look at floors in our homes. Although laminate flooring can mimic the expensive look of traditional woods, stones and ceramic tiles, it is relatively easy on your pocket compared to real materials.

At first glance, one may not be able to tell if the flooring is actually hardwood or laminate flooring. What seems like a wood grain is actually a photographic image imposed upon a slim layer of décor paper sandwiched between a tough layer of protective film (top) and a high-density fiber backing board (bottom) composed from mainly melamine resin.

The advantages that laminate flooring offers are many. Some of the main ones include:

The laminated parent board is cut into smaller regular sizes and assembled together to cover your flooring space. To assemble them, you simply click and snap the tongue of one plank into the special groove of the other, which can be accomplished easily and quickly with lesser skill that would otherwise be needed for alternative flooring materials. This is good news for DIY homeowners as it means you can do away with cost-incurring contractors. The only important pre-requisite is a leveled sub-floor for it to be laid on. Its modern and very precise milled shape allows for very tight connection during the installation. One can simply walk on the laminate floorings straight away after joining up the planks. Most modern systems no longer require the use of glues, keeping cleaning up jobs to its minimum. Compared to real wood, individual board for laminate flooring is much wider. This is another advantage as it allows for bigger space coverage that can help you save installation time. To top it off, you need not bother about special installation tools; a basic saw, a mallet, a tape measure, a decent installation guidebook and some small basic tools are what you’ll need.

Besides easy installation, laminate flooring is very hardwearing and can withstand a whole series of problems in your home. What’s more, it is well known for being easy to clean and relatively maintenance free. Unlike carpet, laminate flooring is stain, scratch and tear resistant. It is also UV treated to retain its color, so that fading is never an issue as with real hardwood, and the trouble to refinish constantly is avoided. Once installed, its brand new look can last for years to come. Its strong toughness is attributed by this wear layer feature, a resin-based coating comprising mainly of many layers of melamine particularly designed to stand strong abrasions. The average life of laminate flooring is around fifteen to twenty years, depending on its make and the treatment it receives.

Only light cleaning is required. All it takes is daily vacuuming or sweeping to remove dirt and dust. This is important for high-traffic areas, as dirt and dust may graze on the surface over time. Avoid soap or wax on laminate floor, as they will form a firm and attract excessive dust and dirt instead. The best is to clean with water or window cleaning solution, remembering to towel dry after that. This is very important as water or moisture can cause swelling or warping of the plank. Therefore, in the event of an accidental spill, wipe up immediately to avoid disaster later. Lately, innovations have given birth to moisture resistant choices, which are ideal for bathroom and kitchen use.

The effects from laminate flooring are just too many; wood, stone or ceramic, you name it. Besides being the perfect choice for bedrooms, living rooms and dinning rooms, its water resistant series also qualifies it for kitchen and bathroom uses. Having woody looks in a damp environment is not a hassle with laminate flooring.

And you never have to worry about colors or styles for your laminate. There is an unbelievable range that can be matched to anything you need. Whether is traditional, cozy or luxurious look that you’re after, you can find it.

When you compare the amount you have to fork out for actual hardwood or a high quality carpet, you can’t help but agree that laminate flooring is an incredibly affordable solution. It’s just the right choice when you want new flooring but are constrained with tight budgets. It’s not a bad idea after all, as you’re paying less for the exact look.

Unlike carpets, laminate flooring does not attract dust mites, trap food remains or animal residues, thereby giving you a healthier living environment. With severe allergic patients, doctors advocate to remove carpets.

Above everything else, laminate floor is very practical and because of this, it will continue to be widely favored by people. If you are deciding to remodel your home, invest in laminate flooring. Besides improving your home value, it will also give you a better floor system that will modernize your property.