The Ultimate Guide on Vinyl Flooring in Singapore

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is an inexpensive choice among all other flooring options. It’s easy to install and it comes with various colors and patterns for you to select. They generally exude a trendier or retro charisma compared to other more expensive ways of flooring installations. They are not susceptible to stains or moisture, and they are extremely easy to maintain.

There are two types of Vinyl flooring that you can consider. One of them is the vinyl sheet whereby the whole area for installing can be done in one go with some minor alterations for odd angles, pillars, holes, etc. The other type is the vinyl tiles that you can use to pinpoint certain hard-to-install areas so that your flooring installation can be carried out easily.

Vinyl flooring is commonly used in healthcare services as they are not water absorbent, therefore spilled drugs or harmful toxins cannot be retained easily as compared with other types of flooring. This will maintain high medical quality of the premises regarding virus control. For asthma or sinus patients, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice to prevent unwanted germs in the air!

Vinyl flooring is also anti-slip that would prevent accidents even in sports areas. Thus vinyl flooring provides an ideal option for sports activities to be carried out safely.
In addition, vinyl flooring enhances the quality of the place installed either by changing the moods or lightness or even the size of the room like mirror effect. Installation is easy without noise pollution and when it is time to renew the image of the house, dismantling of it can be done in a shorter period of time compared to other conventional flooring.

Sound pollution can be partially eliminated by good quality vinyl flooring also. With the advent of suitable types of patterns used in vinyl flooring, not only a cozier atmosphere can be achieved, more colorful and vibrant indoor ‘landscaping’ can be molded into your home decor also.

Our lifestyle has become so much more hectic nowadays, why bother to install something that is expensive and you may want to change it later on and it would cost a bomb to your budget if you install other more conventional floorings. Vinyl flooring can look more impressive over time than real wood, stone and other flooring materials. Changing to a new one is as easy as changing your old furniture or other home components.

Don’t forgive the price of vinyl flooring which is always cheaper than other flooring options. With so many benefits of using vinyl flooring, no wonder there is an increasing number of buyers who crave for more innovative designs for their house and they can also plan wisely and comfortably within their own budget.