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A Guide To Laminate Flooring

If you are planning it as a Do It Yourself, you can take the help of a lamination guide to understanding better how the lamination process works. There are several sites which will give you useful tips for every little process involved. For example, you need a good level of expertise to ascertain the ideal thickness and the way to avoid scratches and dents on the surface. The durability and the beauty of the laminate floor depends a lot on the way it is installed, which is why taking a one-day course wouldn't hurt either. Laminate floor installation has several benefits such as economic feasibility, attractive smooth finish, easy maintenance, and above all, a variety of choices for surface patterns and textures.

Laminate Flooring

What you need to know about laminate flooring:

Homeowners choose laminate flooring because of the relative efficiency of installation opposed to hardwood floors. You can avoid warped lumber, glue, and nails, sanding, and finishing which are involved extensively in hardwood flooring. Whether it is a do-it-yourself project or installation instructions to those working on laminate wood flooring, there are certain tips that will help you. You can do it as a weekend project installing laminates yourself, which is pre-finished and comes in set pieces that fit in nicely. Everyone likes laminate flooring. It adds instant character to rooms and is so simple to install that anyone can achieve great results with very little effort.

There are various kinds of laminate flooring and being wise in your choice is imperative if you wish that floor to stay every bit as good as the day you installed it. What many purchasers of laminate flooring don't realize is that laminate floors have very little natural wood in them. They are made of layers that are pressurized together and then coated with a finish that looks like wood. In the production stages of laminate flooring, care is paid to detail, and there are different grades of flooring ranging in quality and price.

The areas that laminate flooring can be used for is without limit in a home and the following fountain to mind about:

1. Lounge
2. Kitchen
3. Hallways
4. Bedrooms
5. Stairways and halls.
There are known problems associated with laminate floorings in that in areas such as bathroom or kitchen where there is excess dampness, the inside of the laminate flooring can swell. This can be overcome by gluing the pieces on the joints instead of just clicking them together and then coating them with a good quality protective finish.

Laminate Flooring

Another problem related to flooring is the slip. Here, if using in areas of heavy passage, the floors can be cleaned with a non-slip product to retain it's beauty. Laminate flooring isn't as tough as proper wood flooring, in that it can become damaged by pointed heels, etc., and it is a nice idea to avoid too much abuse of the flooring, though the higher quality grades are tougher than their cheaper counterparts.

What to check before purchase:

Do check the different qualities and what they cost. If you decide to use second-grade quality, buy extra to account for defects. Also, ask in the shop what needs to be laid underneath the flooring since some of the laminated flooring products need a membrane to be laid first. This may sound complex, but it isn't, though the price of this should be borne in mind as it will make your whole purchase much more pricey.

Before laying laminate floors:

Laminate flooring packets should be opened and left to acclimatize to the room in which they are going to be fitted for at least 24 hours before use. What this does is avoid the disappointment of expansion and contraction, other than a normal movement that will be dealt with by the gap left all around the room.

Laying of laminate flooring:

Most laminate flooring comes with a click system whereby the pieces click easily together. Working in a clean room is easiest, and from one side of room to the other. When starting the first row of flooring starts with entire pieces, joining the next one, etc., across the room. On the second row, start with a half-length. This will ensure that the smaller joints in the boarding are not close together, thus weakening the finished flooring. Always leave a space at the edges of the room, because the floor needs it for expansion and contraction, and this can easily be covered by a baseboard or skirting when the job is complete. If the room already has baseboards, it is a nice idea to take these off because it makes the whole process easier.

Laminate Flooring

For use on stairs, there are special battens available for the stair edging, although here, it does take someone with a little knowledge to install the flooring, since it isn't straightforward and an expert would be needed.

Laminate flooring is cheaper than traditional wooden flooring. It is almost instant and will change the whole aspect of a room. It's easy to clean, and extremely simple to install, and even the DIY enthusiast with little knowledge can achieve it. It's important to have all the tools necessary for the job, and here a suitable saw should be bought for cutting the lengths, and a tape should be used for taking measurements accurately. Thought should also be given to the entrance of doors, where a special threshold will need to be fitted. These are inexpensive and finish the job very professionally.

When installing the floor, if there is any doubt about clearance underneath doors that go into the room, these should be taken off. They can be shaved down to fit once the floor is installed. When shopping for laminate flooring, take in the range because it is vast. Look at qualities and compare what they offer, and never be afraid to ask questions about it's installation, although instructions will be furnished with the packs that you buy.

Enjoy your laminate flooring because it really can give a dark room a face-lift, or a bathroom that pristine look, bringing your home up to date quickly and effectively.
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