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Can We Install Laminate Flooring Over Parquet?

When residents of Singapore think about remodeling exercises, they will be looking for less costly but smart ways of beautifying their residences. When you think about flooring, the varieties available are quite endless. As a result, it can be either costly or affordable depending on the option you select. The decision regarding the most suitable to select can also be very daunting more so during remodeling because of the wide varieties that are available. Parquet is one of the flooring options that is made available to the residents of Singapore and it is also possible to install laminate flooring over parquet.

Laminate Over Parquet Flooring

Ever since beveled edges were introduced to laminate wood flooring, more design aspects have been launched which perfectly suit formal interiors. High gloss plus semi-gloss finishes are excellent for both formal and traditional settings since they contribute in making the setting classy. It is now possible to make rooms beautiful using parquet at costs that are very reasonable without losing appeal for such environments.

At the moment, parquet flooring is becoming quite popular in households. Many owners of homes are choosing this kind of flooring due to its attractive nature. Originally, the floor was made to look like a wooden carpet which consisted of small wooden blocks. It was quite appealing but not long lasting. For this reason, the costs associated with installing this floor were prohibitive since it got damaged easily when exposed to water or moisture. Many changes have since been made and many improvements have been done to ensure parquet flooring lasts a longer period. Manufacturers now install laminate wood flooring over parquet. This has since made it more durable since it can now withstand damages that are caused by water, sunlight or scratches.

Due to its improved quality, having parquet as a form of flooring is a good investment choice. You will end up saving considerable amounts of money when you choose this floor type since it is not hard to maintain. You can also have it for very many years to come because it is friendly to the environment. If you are seeking to maintain its pretty looks, polish it on a regular basis as this will keep it shiny.

Apart from being just durable, it also serves aesthetic purposes as well. You can select from a wide variety to suit your particular taste. Some of the varieties made available by the suppliers in Singapore include beech, cheery, light colored wood, dark wood and lots more. You can also order parquet in other options such as colored parquet, mosaic and bamboo.

This floor is popular due to its unique nature. Since it only consists of tiny material pieces, it allows for different types of floor patterns to be created during installation. For example, pine wood is made available in stripe and swiri designs. You should consider laminate flooring installation on top of parquet if you want a floor that will last a long time. It additionally serves to beautify your living space while also making it unique. The costs may initially be a little on the higher side but the investment will be worth it in the end due to savings you end up making.
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