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Can We Lay Laminate Flooring Over Carpet?

Laminate floors are a common alternative for most of floor types. The main reason for this is the ease in its installation as well as its relatively cheap cost. Owing to the fact that laminate flooring is easy to install and maintain, majority consider it as ideal for installation over other floor finishes with disregard of removing the already existing finish that maybe suffering from wear and tear. Installation of a carper is a common feature is a common feature for floor finishes that like any other finish is prone to effects of wear and tear and hence the need for replacement.

Can We Lay Laminate Flooring Over Carpet?

Why you need to install a laminate floor:

There is a wide variety of reason why you may consider laminate flooring over and above other kinds of floors. The most important factor is the fact that the floor comes with a variety of styles and colors. In this way, you get a chance to choose the ones that best suits to the scheme of your room and hence making it look more welcoming. More to this the floor are more durable. This owes to the fact that laminate floors are made of strong wood and as well enhanced with strong finishes. This makes it scratch free and ideal for a house where residents own pets. As a precaution however, it is important to ensure that the pet’s nails are regularly trimmed to reduce any chances of the scratches occurring.

Reasons why you may consider installing the floor on top of the carpet:

Installation of the carpets is done on varying ways. In some instances while some are seeking durability of the carpet and minimizing chances of its movement use glue to fix the carpet on the floor. In such an instance, when the carpet wears out or when need to change the floor type occurs, removing the carpet becomes a tedious task. For this reason and considering that there are chance of installing laminate flooring using the “floating flooring method” this may seem like an easier option.

Singapore is a country that experiences regular rainfall through the year. It is for this reason that consideration for an ideal floor has to consider instances of gathering mist and wetness. It is for such reason that having a carpet flooring covered by the laminate, then chances of developing dampness are high. In such way to prevent such instances, it is important to ensure that the carpet is completely removed.

The cost of removing the carpet is also a major consideration that may drive many to install the flooring on top. Many installers tend to find a way round the time and cost of removing the carpet more so in instances where the carpet was affixed to the floor using glue or other adhesives.

Laminate Flooring Over Carpet?

Is it alright to install the floor over the carpet:

While this may seem like a better option, installing the laminate flooring over the carpet, professionals’ advice that it is not an ideal procedure. Among the common reasons for this is the fact that it is not guaranteed that the carpet flooring will not be totally flat. In such a way, the underlying of the laminate may not also manage to eliminate the bumps on the carpet floor. This may lead to creaking alongside other shortcomings. The other factor is the fact there are changes in humidity, these normally occur in the instance that the subflooring is not proper and this may lead to instances of accumulation of mist.

Owing to the importance of having a flat flooring surface, it is important to note that even the very this carpets such as the indoor and outdoor ones can have some thin and thick parts and in such way affect the evenness of the laminate flooring. This is despite the fact some of the designers recommend that installation of the floor can be done on carpets that are of a height that is less than ¼”.

There are also instances of contraction and expansion that occurs as a result of humidity. In such an instance there are chances of movements within the floors surface ad this in a great way affects the underlying carpet if it is yet to be removed. In such an instance, this movement will create bumps on the laminate floor that will lead to an uneven floor with time. In case the carpet is glued to the floor, chance of the movement being distracted may lead to cracks on the wooden flooring and in such way affecting its durability.

Caring for laminate floors:

In order to ensure that your rooms always look perfect, it is important to ensure that good care is taken in maintenance of the floors. To make this possible it is one big reason to ensure that there is no carpets lying under the floor. In such way it will be possible to undertake cleaning of the floor that includes among others mopping and wiping of the floor. This is for the reason that while undertaking such practices, water and other detergents may seep through loose joints or cracks on the floor to the carpets and in such way making it dump. To ensure that this is well taken care, there is need to ensure that any defects on the floor are adequately repaired and polished to maintain the shininess of the floor.


While laminate flooring is simple to install, taking shortcuts is not an ideal way to make the process much easier. It is for this reason that the removal of carpets is essential while considering to change your floor to laminate. This is irrespective of the cost and time that will be consumed in the process as this is an ideal way to ensure the floors durability and as well give ease in setting an even surface. The floor manufacturers also recommend that the carpet should be removed before a laminate floor is installed for better results. The manufacturers always issue recommendations of the floor installations and failure to do so may result in the manufacturer waiving the warranties given on purchase of laminate boxes.
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