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How To Maintain Outdoor Decking

Decks are susceptible to damage from a lot of sources which include water, UV rays, snow, wind, foot traffic, and other biological agents, plus what a BBQ party can cause. The sun can cause a gray and weathered look which implies that your wood is drying out. Water from the rain, sprinklers, dew and others can cause algae, mildew, rot, and mold. Additionally, stains from rust, leaves, wax, food and drinks can damage the wood and make it look unpleasant.

Maintain Outdoor Decking

Even if your timber supply is pressure-treated, it still can deteriorate especially when it is not maintained well. Proper and regular maintenance and regular cleaning are ideal ways to make sure your outdoor deck looks great for a long time. Remember, do not let any stains set or leave them overnight. Clean them up as soon as possible. Sweep often and do not forget to clean the spaces between the boards to remove debris like leaves and others.

Below is a more detailed procedure on how to clean and maintain your outdoor deck.

Step 1: Clean

Remove your furniture or potted plants and sweep the area. Water down your deck while protecting any plants you are not able to move like the one that grows in the open ground nearby. Never work in direct sunlight, otherwise, it will cause an uneven application of materials and streaking. Aside from using bleach, use other special products to clean. Bleach alone only removes stains from mildew and is not able to revive wood fibers degraded by sun's rays and get rid of in-ground dirt. In addition, research shows that a surface which has been cleaned with bleach only will have a finish that will fail more quickly.

Once your deck is cleaned, use a reliable deck cleaner based on the directions of the manufacturer. Thoroughly rinse by brushing and hosing. Pressure-washing may be necessary for decks that are heavily stained. Do not seal a dirty deck. Also, never apply finish until it has dried for at least 2 days of warm weather. Most professionals make use of a device called the moisture meter to ensure that the deck is sufficiently dry for finishing.

Step 2: Sand and Repairs

After Step One, there may be weathered areas left. Lightly sand those areas including any splinters, raised grains, lumber stamps, superficial burns, pencil marks, and other marks that may appear through your deck finish. Then repair anything that is causing any damage to the wood of your deck, things like replacing the head of your sprinkler. Also, try moving your potted plants or furniture into other spots. Prolonged contact with the deck can cause damage and require extra treatment.

Maintain Outdoor Decking

Step 3: Finish

Your deck is ready for the finish after thorough prepping and final sweeping. Remember not to apply finish during the hottest hour of the day or when your deck is hot when you touch it. As a rule of thumb, the surface temperature should not go beyond 75 degrees.

Qualities You Should Look for in Decking

What is your dream home like? Is it big, small, simple, or quite lavish? Does it have a spacious outdoor space with landscape and decking? When we talk about dream homes, we often find ourselves picturing not just the beauty of the interior but the wonderful expanse and view of the outdoors. Whether it's a pool, garden, outdoor kitchen, or a natural landscape, the beauty of a great outdoor space is never without the element of decking.

You don't have to have a big exterior to consider decking. A patio, porch, yard, terrace, veranda, or balcony can be made in good decking. Even small houses look good with nice outdoor decking to extend the comforts of the interior into the airy and sunny outdoors.

When building your own deck or hiring a contractor, you need to consider the quality of materials and the proper construction involved if you want to enjoy the great benefits of having a deck for years to come. Invest in quality decking, and you won't have to replace them again and spend more in the process. Here are some qualities you should look for in decking.

Maintain Outdoor Decking

Natural Appearance and Beauty of Wood

What makes decking so beautiful is the natural look and feel of the wood material. The solid and appealing design of wood decking create a nice effect to a home. What makes wood a more attractive choice than any other material is the effortless blending with natural surroundings? Timber decking is good if you want that natural appearance, but other types of composite decking can still replicate the look of natural wood.

Durability and Longevity

Decking and all the materials and building involved do not come cheap. It is an investment that aims to increase the value of your home and provide an added benefit to people living in it. That is why it is good to select the best decking materials that will last a lifetime. Because the deck will be subjected to varying weather conditions, exposure to direct sunlight, heat, moisture and rain, it has to be as durable as any outdoor material should be.

The decking material can become dry, shrink or swell. When that happens, gaps in between planks and boards can be a source of injuries and accidents. Make sure you select quality materials that will be less prone to such tendencies. There are types of decking like composite decking that are a termite, rot, and moisture-resistant. They are more durable and low-maintenance. If you're buying decking material or hiring a contractor, see to it that you consider these factors so you'll get better value in quality material.

Low Maintenance

To ensure that your deck is in its best condition and far from wearing out soon, maintenance is most important. However, maintenance comes with a cost as well. Buying cleaning materials, renting pressure cleaners, using sealing and staining products are parts of the maintenance, and notwithstanding the time and energy for the task. If you want to avoid doing regular maintenance, you can initially purchase a low-maintenance decking material. Less cost and trouble for you without the worry that your deck will wear out soon. But of course, even with low-maintenance materials, you still have to put in the effort in cleaning and ensuring your deck is in good shape.

Decking is lovely for your home but having the quality decking adds more value for the long-term and less trouble in upkeep.
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