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How To Treat Wood Flooring That Is Starting To Rot

Undoubtedly, wood is among the most popular flooring materials. The good part with wood flooring is that it gives your home unique-natural look, it is economical, and unlike other flooring pattern, wood flooring can be easily removed. In addition, when properly maintained, it is the most durable than any other flooring material in the market. Although there are other threats to wood flooring, fungal decay is the popular threat. If left untreated, both dry rot and wet rot when left can cause serious damage on the wood flooring. But what is the difference between dry rot and wet rot, and how can they treated?

How To Treat Wood Flooring That Is Starting To Rot

Dry rot

Despite of its name, dry rot tends to survive in woods with a moisture content of at least 20%. Dry rot is caused by a fungus known as Serpula lacrymans. Although most home owners tend to underrate the damages caused by dry rot, it is extremely serious infestation that requires immediate treatment with professional help.

Optimal conditions

Dry rot loves damp, warm and poorly ventilated conditions, thus it is mostly found in parts of room that are not easily visible, such as corners and beneath stairs among other parts that are more predisposed to dry rot.
Wet rot

Wet rot is more common in wood flooring than dry rot. It is caused by fungus known as Coniophora puteana. The optimal condition for this fungus is extremely wet and damp conditions. Unlike dry rot, this fungus will only occur in wood flooring that is left wet for long. Although deemed less destructive than dry rot, serious cases can cause a lot of damage to your floor, and odor smell.

Signs of wood flooring that is starting to rot

-The common signs of flooring that is beginning to rot include.
-Matted whitish growth that may be tinged with yellow or lilac patches.
-Shrinking, crumbly or splitting wood. Try to poke your flooring with a screwdriver; if it easily sinks into the  flooring, it is a good sign that it is decaying.
-Odor smell- when wood flooring is rotting, it will have a musty, quite acrid mushroom smell.
-In extreme cases, wood flooring that is severely affected will look dark, with a soft spongy feel.

How To Treat Wood Flooring That Is Starting To Rot

How To Treat Wood Flooring That Is Starting To Rot

To be sincere, wood flooring will always start to rot as a result of high humidity, stagnant air condition, in adequate cleaning and problem with moisture. The rot will not only damage your flooring, but can have far reaching consequences on your health. Before looking for professional help, you can prevent or treat rotting flooring by.

Use vinegar

vinegar kills almost all fungus that causes rotting of wood flooring. Clean the affected part with a cup of vinegar and warm water. To remove any mold, scrub the affected areas .

Sprinkle borax

Sprinkle borax on the entire dry wood flooring and let it sit for at least half an hour, after which you should completely vacuum it. Borax will kill mildew, fungi and mold which causes rotting of wood flooring.
Lighten up your room-fungi prefer low light conditions, lighting up your room will prevent growth of fungus, and consequently prevent rotting of your wood flooring.

Water and lemon juice

A mixture of water and lemon juice is acidic and will wipe out odor smell.
Reduce moisture in affected areas- keeping air fresh will also keep off factors that facilitates rotting of wood flooring. Removing and treating the affected parts is another viable option. This will ensure that the fungus causing rotting does not spread to unaffected parts. When purchasing flooring, always ensure you buy word flooring that has been treated against rotting.

Although these methods are effective, the most effective way to combat rotting of wood flooring is through frequent cleaning and disinfecting. It may seem expensive, but use of professional flooring cleaners is the best way to ensure your flooring remains free from fungus and other factors that cause rotting of wood flooring. They use sophiscated equipment and proven methods to combat rotting of wood flooring. For example, when you do it yourself, you are likely to leave high moisture which will obviously cause growth of fungus. For example, most service provider will either dry clean or steam clean the flooring, ensuring there is no moisture left after cleaning. This does not only prevent fungus growth, but also ensure any existing fungi are wiped out.
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