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Is Laminate Flooring Water Resistant?

Laminate flooring is one of the flooring styles that is quickly gaining popularity in the entire world. Although it is a European innovation, it has become more famous in North America and Asia, and Singapore is never exceptional. If the above amazing and outstanding flooring technology has grabbed the attention of your mind, and if you are there planning to install it on the floor of your office or your residential home, then you are making the right decision. Needless to say, many people in Singapore are in love of elegance, beauty, and appealing features. Indeed, finishing and furnishing your apartment needs proper consideration and planning. Equally, when it comes to floor furnishing, many people are faced with the challenge of choosing the best flooring technique. Nevertheless, it has been established that out of the many flooring designs/techniques available, laminate flooring is in the lead as if offers amazing benefits compared to other options.

 Laminate Flooring Water Resistant

What is Laminate flooring?

Well, since its release in Singapore markets, many people have been faced with undying confusion regarding the laminate flooring. Actually, many people have confused laminate flooring with either hardwood flooring or stone flooring. Despite the fact that all of them have a similar look as well as luster, they are quite apart. Indeed, laminate flooring has been designed to have a look of a stone or a hardwood, but the actual material's used to make it is contrary to its appearance.

Mostly, laminate flooring is made from either conjoined pieces of wood particles or high-density fiber, with a beautiful laminate overlay that is designed to look similar to a stone or wood. To improve its durability, a clear hard layer is placed on the top surface and pressed tightly under high pressure. The overall structure is a light, but right structure that has the ability to display both elegance and durability, hence offering it the ability to update the looks of the lovely home / office to the next level.

Is laminate flooring, water-resistant?

As stated previously, laminate flooring has been coupled with stylish features that offers it appearance that is beyond and above the par as well as making it last longer. Some of the outstanding features that makes laminate flooring classy include low maintenance costs, durable (actually, the average life for a well-maintained laminate floor lies between 15-20 years), catchy, attractive, affordable, not forgetting the fact that it is easy to install. Now, one of the questions that has been popping up in the mind of many people who are planning to install laminate flooring in their residential homes/office is: Is laminate flooring water resistant?

Indeed, many people have been trying to get the solution to the above question. Unfortunately, due to limited resources and scanty online information, most people have not gotten the ultimate answers. Well, if the above has been your concern, then worry no more as this page has good news for you as it unveils a comprehensive review on the fact of laminate flooring water resistance, and without further ado, the following are eminent:
Actually, water resistant (also known as waterproof) laminate flooring has been one of the greatest challenges facing designers and manufacturers rolling out the above technology. Truth be told, moisture has long been bedeviled the laminate flooring technology, and that is one of the major reasons as to why many residential/homeowners and office owners choose not to install laminate in places they consider to be wet or damp.

For a long time, the core of laminate flooring has been the center of concern in regards to water resistance properties. As stated in the introductory section, the core of the laminate flooring is made of fiberboard, which is susceptible to moisture and dumpy conditions. Have you ever seen a sheet of fabricated particleboard that has been rained on? If yes, you must have realized that it bubbles up as it crumble like a wet soda cracker! Indeed, flooring manufacturers have realized that if fiberboard is exposed to high moisture content, it will result in poor adhesion of its top layer that results in warping.

Laminate Flooring Water Resistant

In the past, most of the available laminate flooring in Singapore were not water resistant, manufacturers have responded swiftly to the above issue. In this regard, the following are some of the remedies to curb waterproof challenges facing laminate flooring:

#1. They counsel office owners or homeowners planning to install laminate flooring to avoid installing in moist places, such as bathrooms, basements, and so on.
#2. Designers have introduced more melamine that is used in fiberboard mix, rather than producing a core that is absorbent, that is likely to suck some water from air.

The latest improvement to make laminate flooring, water-resistant

Nowadays, with the improvement of design and technology, there has been introduction of some laminate flooring that is highly water and moisture proof. Indeed, most of the leading laminate flooring sellers in Singapore like is advising homeowners to buy LVF (luxury vinyl flooring). This laminate flooring product is amazing and its value is far beyond your expectation. It is actually thicker than the ordinary laminate flooring designs and it is coupled with better texturing. As a matter of fact, the LVF is 100 percent water resistant. In fact, you can drop a piece of it LVF in a tub of water for a sometime (say, a day), and it will come out the way it was-it will not absorb any water.

Tips For Buying Laminate Flooring deemed to be water resistant

Homeowners or office owners thinking to buy and install laminate flooring are advised to visit several laminate flooring selling companies before making a decision on which type of design to go for. As soon as you have the right material of your choice, then consider hiring reliable company to do installation with the right professionalism, dependability, and selection that will give you a satisfactory finishing.


From the above overview, it is clear that laminate flooring has more benefits as compared to its pitfall. As seen in previous sections, water resistance is one of the major challenges that face laminate flooring industry. However, with the improvement of technology and introduction of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) flooring experience has advanced to next level where water menace is no longer an issue.
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