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Laminate Flooring Vs Traditional Wood Flooring

Getting your dream house soon? With the recent growth in economy this few years, many young Singaporeans are able to afford to have a better living standard. Upon getting your new house, you will have to deal with many interior designing i.e. kitchen cabinet, painting etc. However, many people overlook that to have good flooring in the house is also important. Range can be from carpet to even wood flooring. When come do wood flooring, you will have to decide which kind of woods and finishing that will maximise the money that you pay for.

What is Laminated Flooring against the hardwood flooring?
In recent year, there is a significant growth in flooring choices which are readily available to home builders and owners. Selections into which type of flooring that will fit just nice to your house are really spoilt of choice i.e. marble, stone, wood, tile etc. As for wood flooring, there are two kinds that outstanding will be the hardwood flooring i.e. parquet and laminated flooring which is popular among home owners in recent year.
Laminate Flooring
Laminated flooring and hardwood flooring
Sturdy wood flooring will be the commonly sought for choices for home and business building due its sturdiness as a trustable flooring material. While laminated flooring is a recent modern technology after product development. Commonly found and used in European countries, origins form there, for a few decades before it was introduced and gained much popularity worldwide. In contrast, many would say that laminated flooring is a good replacement for those traditional flooring

Laminated versus Traditional Flooring
Both flooring have almost the same features, hence traditional and laminated flooring is often associated and compared with each other. However, even said so, both offered advantages to house owners. Traditional and laminated flooring may look the same but there are still significant differences. Hardwood flooring gives a natural surface (as is real wood), as for laminated flooring is an absolute replica, combination of paper, fibre board flacks and uses creative printing technology to give a natural looks.

Natural surface and colours in hardwood flooring and laminated flooring
Traditional flooring already had natural surface that beautifully “paste” on it and also due to those natural design, it also able to give an outstanding “pecks” patterns and rich colours ranges that give those laminated flooring a “model” or standard to follow in replication. However, do not forget that laminated flooring is just a replica of hardwood flooring by using a picture of a real wood that is “stick” onto it as a base.

What are the prices?
Face the truth, every single cent counts. Traditional flooring will be more costly that laminated flooring. Laminated flooring only provide that posh and luxury feel but is built up by less costly material. Traditional flooring will be commonly sought for in a more influential settings and where you would need some additional structural holding towards the whole architect of the building.

Maintenances and care for traditional flooring and laminated flooring
Laminated flooring will be much easier to maintain as compared to hardwood flooring. Why would laminated flooring be in popular demand than hardwood flooring? The reason mainly is that laminated flooring can be easily installed to any clean, dry and flat surface. Having say so, when come to repairing, laminated flooring is not easy to repair if is on sever damage and to do a refinishing will be invaild.
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