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Pros And Cons of Engineered Wood Flooring

When you think of making your floor, there are a lot of considerations to put in place. The choice of engineered wood flooring is the best idea you can have for your home. The floor can be installed on all the rooms apart from the ones prone to high moisture like the bathroom. The floor gives your room a beautiful outlook as well as keeping it classy. It is easy to install and comes with a lot of benefits when compared to any other types of floors. The topmost layer of this floor is a hardwood while its underneath is strong materials that enable it to maintain stability.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Benefits of engineered wood flooring

It is durable

The ability for the wood to wear out is limited. It is made of high-quality material which is usually a finished product. Apart from being quality, it has a warranty that covers the material when it develops some problems. This creates the confidence of installing them as the warranty takes a long time. Everybody feels comfortable when they purchase quality products which are assured by warranties.

It suits many environments

In the making of the engineered wood, the wood is derived from quality products. These materials are derived from natural forests. This means that they have the ability to withstand any weather conditions. From any part or different climatic zones, the engineered wood does its best.

Added wood variety

The wood provides an added variety of flooring to choose from. Initially, the only wood species that were the oak parquet or the teak which were very expensive for the homes that needed the wood flooring. The engineered wood thus provides a classy well-finished option. This is because it combines different varieties that make it outstanding. It keeps your home different from the commonly used floor thus keeping your home classy.

Less expensive

As compared to the other solid hardwood, the engineered wood is less costly. Despite being cheaper, it comes with an added elegance. This means that you pay less for a quality floor. The amount you would have spent on another type of floor is spared for another purpose within the home. This gives you room to expand and design your room in the best way possible using the resources available. In case your budget is too squeezed, you still have a reason to smile as the floor is affordable within your reach. The cost of maintaining the floor is also low and affordable.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Pros of engineered wood flooring

It appears just like real wood

When it comes to choosing between the real wood and the engineered one, you will definitely get confused. This is because they look the same. Other than just buying the common wood, the engineered one is made in a very nice outlook. You will definitely choose engineered since it is as strong. There is an advantage of the engineered not being the real hardwood. This is because the moisture content absorbed by the real one is minimized in the manufacture of engineered wood.

It is easy to install

The installation is very easy. Whether you decide to hire professionals to do it for you or you do it for yourself. It takes less time thus you do not have to waste the whole day or week fixing the floor. There is a click installation system that helps the work become much easier. The floor can also be installed on all types of floors which may be floors made of vinyl or ceramic tiles.

The surface can be sanded

When your floor gets stained you do not have to worry. It can also look so old that it brings a bad picture of your home. Depending on the thickness of the topmost layer, sanding is possible. This removes stubborn stains on it leaving it sparkling clean. Sanding also removes the topmost old surface renewing it and giving it a new look. The house is left in a good and clean condition.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance ranges from cleaning to repair. It is easy to clean thus it does not give you headaches. Since the material is quality and durable, it is not prone to destruction. Less cash will be incorporated to maintain it thus it is pocket-friendly. No extra costs are incurred in buying specific items to clean the floor.

Cleanliness of the floor

The engineered floor is not prone to getting dirty. Even when it has not been cleaned, it still looks tidy. It, therefore, does not need too much attention as sweeping it to remove the dirt is enough. It is convenient for people who are busy and do not spend much time in the house.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Cons of engineered wood flooring

The top veneer layer thickness

When the top layer is too thin, refurbishing or sanding can never be done. This is because it will expose the underneath layers and the floor will lose the original taste. So once you purchase one with certain characteristics, you gonna stick to it until it wears out and its time to remove it. The thickness of the top layer is, therefore, a limiting factor.

Limited sense of style

Most of the manufacturers use the already existing styles. There is no uniqueness in the engineered floors to distinguish it from the other hardwood floors. This makes the house look like the other common ones. If you are that person who loves the style in different designs, your choices are limited. You can only choose what is common.

Concern for health

The woods are joined by the use of adhesives. Some people are allergic to some of them and this poses threat to their health. This limits someone who has health issues with these adhesives from buying. Before purchasing, one should confirm what have been used for their attachment to avoid unnecessary health issues.

In conclusion, the engineered wood flooring is more beneficial as compared to other types like the hardwood. This is evident from the many advantages as explained in the above text. They should, therefore, be considered as a beautiful and classy flooring idea. If you love quality and beauty, this is what to go for.
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