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Benefits Of Choosing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring can be defined or refers to a flooring technique, it is majorly characterized by the traditional availability of large square tiles and planks that make it very easy to install. This type of pieces of tiles can be sliced fit in any irregular shape that an individual can desire on the floor. Generally, we can say that laminate floats over a sub -floor on a layer foam or plastic. One advantage of this is that it helps insulate against sound, temperature as well as moisture penetration.

Laminate Flooring

In any particular instance when an individual enters your house or office, the first thing that they look at is the floor. Therefore, in today's market, you will see different and unique material that are eye catching that can be used to make your floor. These days, laminate flooring is one of the most sort after choice that you can add to a tinge hardwood flooring in your home. A big number of people choose laminate flooring over hardwood flooring because of the advantages that it holds over it. We are thus going to highlight the benefits or advantages that an individual enjoys by deciding to select laminate flooring as their floor of choice.

They include:

Plain and beautiful

Laminate flooring is plain but yet very beautiful. The laminate floor provides an enticing appeal and gives your home a natural and warm feel. Laminate flooring is made of a fiberboard layer, balancing layer, a variety of sealants and some layers of fibrous materials which look like paper. In one of the layers, an image of stone tile or some particular grain of hardwood is imprinted on one layer. This is a deliberate move as it gives it the look of a real thing. The top layer usually plays the function of protecting the underneath layers from wear and tear, this makes your floor appear to be new always. It makes your floor appear as though you have got a giant photograph laminated onto it.

Offer variety of shades and tones

One other major advantage of laminate flooring is that it comes in a variety of shades and tone. If your endeavor is to achieve a medium warm tone for your home then you are advised to go for Brazilian cherry, while if you prefer to have a rustic look the best option to go for is the Mocha oak. Picking Santon mahogany will help you achieve a rosy tone whereas for those who prefer an elegant but pale beauty you can best achieve this by going for a complete Maple. There is a wide range of variety that you can choose from all you need to do is choose the type that you think best defines your style in the best possible way.

Laminate Flooring

Low maintenance cost

The low maintenance cost is another dominant feature that makes laminate flooring the most preferred choice among individuals who are renovating their houses. Laminate floor offers you a look that always remains fresh and new for several years provided that you do regular cleaning. It does not require any specialized cleaning machines since you can use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove the grit and dirt. There is no need of waxing it every month or two so that you can retain the shininess. It is also paramount to remember that you should not use any chemical or soap to clean the laminate floor, instead, you are highly advised to use ammonia and water to clean the laminate floor.


One of the outstanding characteristics of laminate flooring is that it is resistant to most of the things that are dangerous for hardwood flooring, therefore making it durable. It has one outstanding layer known as the wear layer that makes it very durable. This wear layer is a resin based coating that allows the laminate to stand against various kinds of disturbances and chafes. The numerous coats of melamine, enables the laminate floor to have a high resistance level as compared to the wooden flooring. If you have some dog or cat at home then your wooden floor will be full of scratches. However, if you have a laminate floor at home you need not worry about the floor since it won't be affected by the scratches from the paws of your pets. The advancement of technology has introduced another dynamic in this case since now you also have the ability to get a laminate floor that is resistant to moisture as well. Hence unlike hardwood flooring that is limited to dry areas you can install your laminate flooring in the kitchen and bathroom as well.


Compared to other flooring materials for example hardwood flooring, the laminate is relatively cheap when you take into consideration the value and services that come with it. Both the major manufacturers of laminate charge reasonably low prices. This in the long run ensures that you get new flooring on a relatively small budget.

Laminate Flooring

Health benefits

Besides durability, easy maintenance, and low acquisition cost, laminate flooring has several health benefits as well. If for example, you use carpets for the floor in your home, you might be shocked to discover that you have developed some symptoms of allergies in you or your family members. However, when you use laminate flooring you do not get any kind of food crumbs, animal residues or even any dust mites. What this will ensure is that you have a healthier as well as clean atmosphere in your home.


The majority of laminate designers have come up with similar molding, this is aimed at making it easier to design your room. It is at times impossible or difficult to design your room when using other materials so that you achieve a matching mold but this is made possible by use of laminate designs. Thus the decision on what floor design to apply is easy to make. It is even further advantageous because there are several laminate floor designs which homeowners can choose from.

Finally, if you are in search of a stylish flooring material for your home that will not need repair, or replacement anytime soon, laminate flooring is the best option to go for.
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