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Different Types Of Laminate Flooring

Wood flooring is one of the most sought after types of flooring because of its quality, natural appearance, uniqueness and warmth. However, this type of flooring is very expensive and many people cannot afford. Laminate flooring has come in to fill this void. Its appearance, quality and uniqueness is almost similar to wood flooring. In addition to that, it tough, durable and available in many different colors and sizes. Its cost is also significantly lower when compared to wood flooring. As a result, laminate flooring has become many people favorite in Singapore. There are several types of laminate flooring on the market today. As a results many people usually get confused on which option to choose. In this article, we are going to focus on different types of laminate flooring to help you make an informed decision that will suit your individual needs when you go shopping.

Types Of Laminate Flooring


Production types
High pressure laminate

High pressure laminates are the strongest and most durable. Planks are fused together in two steps. The first step involves gluing different layers together and the second step involves fusing the layers into a plank using high pressure. The end result is a strong laminate material that is strong and durable.

Direct laminate

Unlike high pressure laminate, direct pressure laminate only involves one single step. All material are joined together to form a plank using a single process. The fact that direct pressure laminate only involves one process means that the cost of production is lower. As a result, this type of laminate flooring is usually cheaper when compared to high pressure laminate.

Based on Installation types

If you are considering to install laminate flooring, it is important to know various installation types. This will help you pick a flooring with installation method that is convenient for you. Below are different installation types for laminate flooring.

Glued laminate

Just as the name suggest, glued laminate flooring are usually installed using a glue. A special type of glue is usually used to join the laminate together. The end result is usually a very strong flooring surface.

Pre glued

Pre-glued laminate usually come with glue already installed. They are increasing becoming popular because they give people the convenience they need when installing this type of flooring. The only thing that you will be required to do is to moisten the flooring in order to activate the pre-installed glue.

Types Of Laminate Flooring

Glueless laminate

Majority of laminate fall under this category. They are every easy to install because of the fact that most of them come with a pre-installed under pad that makes the installation process easier and quicker.

Based on surface types

Are you concerned on how you would want to your laminate flooring to look like? If yes then it is very important to know surface types available as discussed below.

Smooth surface

Smooth surface is the most common and it is widely used in many households. Just like its name suggests, smooth laminate flooring has a plain, smooth finish. You have the option of choosing low, medium or high gloss finishes.

Hand scrapped surfaces

Unlike the past where hand scrapped was only reserved hardwood flooring, advance in technology has made it possible for laminate flooring to also go through the same process. This gives them a unique look.

Embossed or textured surface

There are some laminate flooring that comes with textured finish. Laminate flooring with this type of surface are usually very similar to wood flooring. It is very difficult to differentiate between the two unless you are an expert.

Based on AC rating

Durability is a very crucial factor that people look for when buying laminate flooring. The best way to gauge laminate flooring durability is by checking its abrasion class (AC) rating. AC rating used to analyze laminate expected usage, ability to withstand constant abrasion as well as foot traffic. There are 5 different types of AC rating standards as discussed below.

Types Of Laminate Flooring

AC1- moderate residential

This type of laminate flooring has been designed using light materials. They are only capable of withstand light use. As a result, they are widely used in residential setting mainly in bedrooms.

AC2- general residential

Laminate flooring with this rating are suitable when installed in an area that experiences moderate traffic. As a result, laminate flooring with this type of flooring is usually suitable when used in residential areas that don’t experience huge traffic. This areas include living and dining rooms.

AC3 – moderate commercial and heavy residential

If your residential house is very busy, then choosing a laminate flooring with type of rating is a good idea. Laminate flooring with this this type of rating are suitable to be used in all areas in a residential setting. This include both high and low traffic areas. However, it is only recommended for moderate use when used in commercial setting.

AC 4- general commercial

Laminate flooring with this type of setting is suitable to be used in all residential setting. They are suitable when used commercial places that experience high traffic such as offices and shopping malls.

AC5- heavy commercial

Laminate flooring this this type of rating has exclusively been designed to be used in commercial setting that experiences very huge traffic. They have made with tough material that is able to withstand high traffic. They are commonly used in government based buildings.


There are many factors that you need to consider when choosing a laminate flooring. One very important factor that you need to pay close attention to is the color of the laminate flooring. You need to choose a color that blends well with the surrounding. Other important factors that you need to consider plank visual, durability, uniqueness and ease of installation

In conclusion

If you are considering to install laminate flooring in your house, then you are making the right decision. From the information above, there is not doubt that laminate flooring is satisfying the demand of the current population. They are available in many different design sizes, color and shapes. Their AC rating also differs meaning that you have the chance to choose one that suits your individual flooring needs.
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