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After a hectic day schedule, there is nothing like going home and kicking off your shoes and dig your toes on a comfortable floor. Thus to pleasure yourself with the comfort of Floorings in Singapore it is always advised to choose a flooring that will not only sooth your feet but are also convenient to maintain.


Things to consider when choosing

Here are some of the points to consider while choosing for any flooring:

• Replacement expenditure:

In the matter of replacement cost the main concerned is of material and labor cost. Wherein some cases the materials may be reasonable but the labor cost is more expensive. So when search for contractors you should ask them about entire material and labor cost.

• Material Durability:

Before choosing you need to look for which type of flooring has longer life. Durability is counted upon when willing to get good flooring for your home. This is because if you choose low grade material it may not last for long. So again you will have look for flooring which will result in spending a lot of money.

• Maintenance Cost:

Maintenance is a major factor, because if there are children in your home then they may drag furniture, drop objects or may even make the floor messy. Thus it is imperative to select a flooring which is easy to clean and convenient to maintain. If the maintenance cost is high it would cost you too much. So you should look for flooring having low maintenance cost.

These are some of the points to consider when choosing flooring.

There are different types of flooring to meet your requirements. Some of the well known are:

• Laminate flooring:
If you are willing to have wood like appearance then Laminate flooring is the best option to go for. This is easy to clean and has longer life span. But takes much time for installation as each piece is combined by an interlocking mechanism.

• Ceramic Tiles flooring:
This is considered as the most water resistant. Installation of ceramic tiles in your home increases the value of your property. Thus most of the people prefer to get ceramic tiles for their home. They are quite attractive looking with long lasting quality.

• Unfinished Hardwood floors:
offer an unfinished look to your interiors. Similar to finished hardwood, they are well known because of their warmth and elegance and if they are well maintained can last for even 25 years. However, unfinished hardwood in Singapore is especially liked by those who want to give a raw touch to their home interiors.


Although it is often not the case, the apartment is one of the most important aspects of a home. The floor enhances your lifestyle and gives it a complete look. Now there are so many different types of floors that you can choose the best for your needs, interior design, your budget and other preferences. Each floor has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The various factors to consider when selecting the floor are cost, durability, cleanliness and installation. You should also think about the traffic when you decide on the spot. Places like the living room, the entrance and the corridor have a high traffic flow and the floor has to survive many steps. Think of durability and not style for these places. Bathrooms and kitchens are places where the risk of slipping and slipping is greater. Therefore, these places should have a background that has a rough texture at the top. In addition, the color of the floor should indicate whether the water has been spilled, so that no unwanted accidents occur.

Mud floors

In thatched houses muddy floors were the norm. In such a simple house, there was no other kind of floor to choose from. The mud was pressed and clapped until it reached a hard consistency, and it became more difficult to walk regularly.

Marble tiles

The marble floors are an excellent option for porches, corridors, entrances, corridors and other high traffic areas. The marble tiles keep the wear and are easy to clean. In addition, these tiles are available in different colors and textures and give any living room a great look.

Ceramic tiles

If you want a look as noble as marble flooring, but are lighter in your pocket, choose ceramic tiles. They are available in enamelled and unglazed finish and are available in rainbow colors for every interior.


Stone floors

In India, there are stone floors in many places, especially in the larger public buildings where many people live. The different types of stones for floors are granite, sandstone and kota stone. This type of floor is very resistant and resists shock and abrasion. Granite floors are becoming increasingly popular in residential buildings, but they can be a bit expensive.

Brick floor

This type of floor is best for outdoor use. You can place bricks in an interesting pattern to create a beautiful path or garden path. If, after completing the construction of the house, there are still mud bricks left, you can ask the mason to place these bricks in the garden. It is not only easy to install but also economical and aesthetic.

Cement floor

This type of paving has existed for years, perhaps since the invention of cement. It is easy to install, economical and durable. You also do not have to buy special materials to build the floor. You can finish it with the available cement and your mason. Sometimes the cement mixes with red oxide before it is applied to give it a colorful glow. This technique of recent years is becoming increasingly popular in many modern buildings.

Moisture proof and moisture resistance

Moisture-proof and Moister resistance are two different things. The moisture proof signifies that the flooring has stronger resources to not being affected by floods. This is simultaneous with ceramic, and stone and concrete floors. However, for wood based flooring, the waterproof syndrome can be expected the most from laminate floors and vinyl, than engineered wood or even solid wood that will lead to blistering, cupping or bending with over exposure to flooding. Water proof laminate floors can be durable for up to 2decades. This is created with high end stuff like exposed core, wax coating, and click guard. Water-resistance on the other hand might mean the same thing, however for a shorter time. It means that it can resist the moisture from damaging for about 3-4hours or even longer until help arrives and the floor is dried up.
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