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Installing Wooden Trellis With Decking

A wooden trellis is certainly important, and definitely more than a supporting structure. If you thought that it has no real purpose other than to provide support, then you need to think again! When you have a pretty pant arrangement, it can be a beautiful background and can look like a decorated piece itself.

Wooden Trellis Decking

The plants will surely be the center of attention but it will be wooden trellis that will dictate their disposition and shape. Further, it will help the plants to get the full shine against the railing, the wall or wherever you place them.

So is that simple? Is there more to it? Yes, when you are planning to install wooden trellis with decking, you need to ensure few factors are well in their place. This article will tell you all the basics that will make the job easy.

A wooden trellis is always a very good option that goes with almost anything. Usually, the wooden trellises are wooden lattice or frameworks of intersecting or interwoven wood pieces that are made to usually support and display shrubs or climbing creepers. Needless to say, with the right wood and look it will enhance the look of the entire yard. You can also add wooden trellis panel to the existing fences or walls' top. It will ensure more security and privacy. They are available in different sizes and smaller or larger gaps.

So what do you need? Let's start.

The Good Wood: Essential for the exterior decking

Getting the right wood is the most important part of the job. It will ensure the aesthetics and durability of your new trellis. In addition to that, the right kind of wood will also offer additional protection. You just have to choose the right wood from the two main kinds of woods.

Natural wood

There are wood types that are resistant to rot and decay, which includes redwood, red cedar, and cypress. For that reason mainly, you will notice a lot of trellises and decks made out of these trees' heartwood. They come with preservative elements, which contribute to the wood's longevity and durability. Such preservative elements are generally found in the wood's inner dark-colored heartwood. You won't find such protection with the lighter sapwood layers. However, let me admit that natural woods are costly, but be assured that you will get long-lasting and superior trellises and decks.

Treated wood

Both trellises and decks will need a wood that is weather resistant, which will guard against damages caused by wind, moisture, fungus, insects, and bacteria. There is an easy way to make sure that you get adequate protection and that is by buying wood that is pressure-treated. These pressure-treated wood are subjected to preservative chemicals as well.

Please note that the decking of your wooden trellis will depend on the requirement largely. There is absolutely no way of saying that treated wood is better than natural wood. The basic definition of the two types of wood was just to help you distinguish and have a better understanding. Natural wood sometimes gets processed further for its betterment.

The crucial factor is to understand the wood and in Singapore, the most common wood used for installing wooden trellis with decking is the chemical wood. Chengal wood is still the most preferred wood for outdoor decking in Singapore.

Wooden Trellis Decking

Chengal Wood

One of the most popular hardwoods in Singapore and other tropical countries is the chengal wood. It is known for its durability, resistance against termites, and resistance. You will see chengal wood in balconies; it’s because it is perfect for the tropical climate of Singapore. Chengal wood's durability is dependent mainly on the tree's maturity. It also undergoes further processing after it is brought in. You will notice that both young and matured chengal wood is available widely. The young chengal wood is soft and is less resistant; whereas the old or mature chengal wood is known for its dimensional stability and durability. Further, the matured chengal wood has a prolonged lifespan as well.

There you have it!

You should always consider the wood if you want the best look with durability. When you get the decking of Wooden Trellis right, not only you get the best protection and durability but also a fantastic decorative look.
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