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The Merits Of Laminate Flooring

When looking for a superb flooring solution in Singapore, you consider the merits to see whether your house or office needs will be met. The good news is that you should look no further; laminate flooring is an excellent choice for all your flooring needs. This article looks at the merits or benefits that come with laminate flooring. The article also looks at how to choose the best company to work with in this regard. First though, it is important to know what laminate flooring is.

Merits Of Laminate Flooring

What is laminate flooring?

This is a synthetic or man-made product that is used to form a complete floor. The synthetic product is created by layers which are usually fused together through a process called lamination. In essence, the product is a floor tile that is made to resemble real wood and even stone. This type of flooring has become very popular over conventional types of floors like wood and actual stone. The benefits of this solution range from installation to cost effectiveness. The following information highlights some of the top reasons why laminate flooring in Singapore is ideal for you.

The advantages of laminate flooring

1. Cost effectiveness

This solution will not cost an arm or a leg. In fact, because it is made of synthetic materials, it is pretty cheap compared to hardwood, marble and other types of flooring. Hardwood flooring is more than double the price of laminate tiles. In addition, because you will not replace the flooring in years, this will save you more money ensuring that you get full value for your money. In this respect, you do not have to break the bank to afford this solution in Singapore.

2. Durability

This type of flooring is highly durable. For this reason, stains, scratches and even sunlight does not destroy the shine of the flooring. Keep in mind that other types of flooring will fade and wear out upon impact or sunlight. The durability is made possible by the melamine plastic layer used by the manufacturers on the surface of the laminate tiles. A durable floor is just what you need.

Merits Of Laminate Flooring

3. Easy installation

Installation of laminate floors is the easiest thing that you can do. There is no need for special knowledge or the use exotic products to install. To this end, any person can install the floor on their own to their delight. Laminate tiles literally snap together and all you need to do is click the parts just like a simple puzzle and you will be done. There is no need for glue or nails in the process of installation. Laminate tiles can be laid on top of any sub-floor whether wood, concrete or plywood. Laminate flooring is like a floating floor on top. Therefore, all you need to do is buy the flooring and you get to fix it yourself. This also goes a long way in saving installation costs.

4. Excellent choices in pattern designs and textures

Because this flooring is made to mimic real wood or concrete, it is really hard to tell from the real thing. The exciting thing is that there is an array of patterns and texture designs to choose from. Choose something that works well with your taste and the type of ambiance you want to create in your space. The synthetic options are highly versatile in terms of style giving you an edge to be more creative to get exactly what you want. Again, the tiles look so real at a fraction of the price and this is definitely one of the most exciting merit.

5. Easy to clean

Cleaning laminate flooring is as simple as pie. With a little dusting followed by a wiping with a damp cloth or mop, you will have a sparkling floor. Because there is no special wax or polish needed, you can be sure to save a lot of money in maintenance.

6. Ideal for people prone to allergies

As mentioned above, cleaning this floor is very easy. In addition, the flooring unlike a carpet does not absorb dust making it very sanitary. This goes a long way in helping those who are prone to allergies. Because the plastic exterior does not allow in moisture, development of mold and other allergens are kept at bay. There are so many other benefits to talk about.

Merits Of Laminate Flooring

Tips to choosing an ideal laminate flooring provider

When choosing the company to buy laminate flooring from, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, choose a company that has been in the laminate flooring industry for some time. There is nothing like a credible service and in Singapore, you are bound to find the ideal provider. Go through online galleries to see the portfolio of the company. See what they have done for others. Go through the types of products and styles they offer so that you can see whether they have what you are looking for.

Choose a company that is versatile to provide flooring not just for your home but for your office space as you desire. Get as much information as you can on their online pages before making that decision. There is no doubt that this type of flooring is here to stay; it is the best way to add style and functionality while spending less.

After you have installed your laminate flooring, it is good to observe some precautions. First, some floors can be very slippery and preventing accidents will be vital. It is good to avoid constant scratches to the floor. Despite being very scratch-resistant, constant wear and tear can lead to damage. Pets like dogs can be big culprits when it comes to perpetual scratches. When a tile is damaged, you can simply replace it without doing away with the entire flooring and this is a good thing.

You will be happy to know that there are excellent providers who have been in the laminate flooring industry for a long time in Singapore. A quick search online will reveal the options. Choose a provider that gives you full value for your money and you will be happy with your decision at the end of the day.
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