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How Many Types of Laminate Flooring Are There in Singapore?

There is no doubt that Singapore is a country on the rise. Many residents, as well as business owners are interested in making sure that their homes, and also their workplaces are in good condition, thus making sure that the materials they use for their spaces are of good quality. Regarding flooring, a lot have taken particular interest in using laminate flooring. You may even be one of them. Perhaps you are also wondering how many types of laminate flooring are there in Singapore?

Types Of Laminate Flooring

Generally speaking, laminate floorings are identified using several categories. Thus, the types depend on categories such as the types of installation, surface, and AC rating. The following provides information regarding the details of each type:

Types of Installation

Pre Glued Laminate Flooring

In this type, the joints are already glued together. All you need to do is to moisten them in order to activate the sticking substance in the glue before you finally join them together.

Glued Laminate Flooring

Once installed, this type is the more durable type. You have to glue together the joints. It can be expected that the installation time and cost is higher compared to other types.

Glueless Click Flooring

This is the easy to install type of laminate flooring. Some of the floor types come with an underpad that is already pre-attached. This is also the more popular option as over 75% of the laminate floorings in Singapore fall under this category.

Types of Surfaces

The patterns in laminates are constantly evolving. As of the moment, the following are the basic types of laminate flooring surfaces:


This type refers to flooring which has a plain finish. You can choose among low, medium and high gloss finishes.


A textured finish often gives the flooring an elegant look. Though the regular type of embossing is not the exact match of the printed surface, it can actually be a good alternative.

Hand Scraped

The process involved in hand scraped laminate flooring was initially reserved for solid hardwood and engineered floors. This provides your floor an antique and classic look.

AC Rating

AC means Abrasion Class. It is the standard measure to check the functionality and durability of laminate flooring. The different categories for AC ratings often depend on the type of building where the flooring will be installed.

· Moderate Residential (A1)
- Best for bedrooms and closets

· General Residential (AC2) - For places with moderate traffic. Perfect for residential spaces like living rooms and dining rooms.

· Moderate Commercial/Heavy Residential (AC3) - For places inside a house where high foot traffic is expected, as well as commercial spaces with light traffic, such as hotel rooms.

· General Commercial (AC4) -
Suitable for heavily traffic business spaces, such as cafes, boutiques and offices.

· Heavy Commercial (AC5) -
Perfect for busy commercial spaces and high traffic environments like government buildings and department stores.

There are several types of laminate flooring in Singapore according to different categories. Therefore, before purchasing, consider what you really need using the categories detailed above.

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